RAW Thoughts 7-10-2014


There is something about RAW at the moment for me it has become background worthy, today has been no exception because the only big thing I want to watch is Dean Ambrose.  The rest of the roster and storyline’s aren’t really appealing to me.

That said though there was a bit of a shock during this weeks RAW after the apology made by the Big Show and the way that Rusev was being caused a big name to come from out of the back The Rock.  I am still a bit lost of what they are doing with this character because he seems to be getting a huge leg up with the way all the big names are taking him on and losing.  The problem is a think he needs to be beaten but at the same time with political environment it is an interesting use to add more to the storyline.

Why is the Dean Ambrose such a bit appeal?  For me it’s because you never know what is coming next, he is the first new competitor to me that has made me want to carry on watch WWE.  I would go so far to say that he reminds me a lot of Stone Cold Steve Austin, that attitude of taking people on no matter where or how.  The twist is the way that John Cena and Ambrose is kind of coming together/falling apart and the way the authority are pushing them together and splitting them up.

One other bug bare is the fact we haven’t seen any-more of Brock Lesner I understand he is the big pay per view star at moment for the WWE but I would prefer that Brock Lesner was around more even if it is only cutting promos.

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