Sleeping Dogs Game Review

Taking a break from the current crop of games that take up my time mainly League of Legends this was a welcome break.  If you have been following my YouTube you will know that I have started a Let’s Play on A Testament to Sherlock Holmes and that will return once my Internet starts to behave again.

With that all out-of-the-way it is now time to talk about Sleeping Dogs.  For me it has been the first GTA style game that I have actually completed and wanted to go back for more.  Don’t get me wrong I have really enjoyed the GTA franchise but I have never really completed the game or the story and this game just left me thinking I do want to complete the side quests.  To say that I have completed this game fully would be a lie there are still things I need to do but I have completed the story and that is why I am writing the review.

The story itself interweaves between the two sides of your life the gang side and the cop side, for me it was always that suspense of whether we were going to be found out or not?  What impact one mission for one side with impact on the other and what side of my life I would go with after it was all said and done?  All these questions were kind of answered by the end of the game but leaving the character in enough limbo for the sequel I think.  I wasn’t displeased with the ending as it could have been left there with out the sequel.  Now the biggest problem I have is I know that there is DLC and I am wondering do I really want to risk my positive experience in the game so far to do a few extra missions?  The answer on this one is no.

The game I have to admit though won’t be for everyone it does tend to hold your hand quite a lot to push you in the right direction, that said though you could have gone off track when you had, had enough of the story and done some side quests but I just didn’t and wanted to follow it to the end.  There were a few glitches in the game like a guy stuck in a door way on the PC version at least that felt a little weird as he was talking but wasn’t really there but that could have been something I did and it wasn’t ground breaking as the game was able to go on.  For that reason I would give the game 8/10 because I really enjoyed it and would recommend any one to try it out, the only reason it didn’t score higher was because some times it feels a little rough around the edges.

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