RAW 22-09-14 Thoughts


With the reintroduction of Dean Ambrose I was really looking forward to this RAW but for me it was great the whole thing between Dean Ambrose and Cena was awesome.  Both struggling to get their hands on Rollins which ended up with Dean being locked in a locker room because as Stephanie Mcmahon pointed out throwing people out of the building really doesn’t work for them, but does Ambrose escape?  That is the question I will leave you with.

The other match that stood out of me is Rusev and Henry, although the result makes sense after The Night of Champions because Henry took quite a beating, but I have to ask where the WWE is going with the character of Rusev?  He seems to be getting these huge leg ups but you can’t help but feel they are setting him up for a fall, but who is the person that is going to stop him?  The story line screams of propaganda with the current political landscape which I have no problem with, and it is actually the US that is losing in this storyline which makes a change but I want to know that there is an end goal in mind because all the likely people to knock this huge brute over have lost to him.  I just question the character development here and will be watching intensively to see where the WWE take it.

For me this week RAW was solid with the Rollins, Cena and Ambrose really being the only thing that made the show, with a little bit of Divas in there just to add to the mix.  As always feel free to comment below if you agree or disagree with anything said here or what was the stand out things for you.

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