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Going into Night of Champions I wasn’t expecting much because of the way RAW had been going and to be honest although good matches and a good gimmick the first two matches were they just didn’t grab me.  The turning point was the return of Dean Ambrose for me he has just made it more interesting.  Roman Reigns is a good competitor and for me is in route for the championship but he isn’t the one that should be throwing down with Rollins for me.

The other major point for me is the WWE championship.  I was annoyed how Cena lost the title to Brock Lesnar because I felt that he should have put up more of a fight, although Brock Lesnar made sense to take the championship.  It made a rivalry that was needed after the injury to Daniel Bryant, however there is one other problem with this is that Brock has had 4 matches in 9 months if the excuse for taking the title of Daniel is that he isn’t a fighting champion with his injury at the moment why give it to someone who has so little matches?  Cena would have made more sense.  The result of this match was good, this time because it looked like Cena was going to win without the interference of Rollins.  I just hope we see more of Lesnar or he drops the title, for me having such a part-time champion isn’t good because the Authority made the excuse that Bryant wasn’t going to be back quick enough to hold the title.

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