WWE Report 21-09-14

With The Night of Champions just hours away I realised that my weekly report on the goings on with the WWE never really got started and I kind of regret that so this might be the first blog post of many on this subject who knows.

While I admit not being the biggest wrestling fan only really getting back into it at Wrestlemania this year, something has come to light when talking with friends about it.  We have all come to the conclusion the last couple of weeks that NXT is actually the better show in the WWE Universe.  The reason for this can be a little sketchy however, for me I feel that RAW has kind of become a bit stale due to the fact they have dragged out storyline’s from the previous pay per view (Sorry it’s getting late and the name has escaped me) with a few big characters at the moment out due to other commitments mainly Dean Ambrose.

While having this discussion with friends though there was one highlighting factor maybe we preferred NXT because it was one shorter so there is less time to fill, meaning that all the content is good not just fillers and also the difference in personnel.  They are people who haven’t made it big yet and want in on the big time, so they are putting the extra effort in.  Does this mean I’ve written off RAW completely?  Hell No I like my big names too much and the people I watched as a teenager, but do I think that they need to take some more of the new blood from NXT up?  Yes.

My hope is that things pick up after Night of Champions that they can come up with some more interesting story-lines and lay some to rest.

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