What I’ve Learnt from Day 2 and 3 of Worlds

Janna Weather Woman Skin

I have to admit I don’t really main support but this support seems to be making a huge come back/ impact in Worlds.  I have to admit I have never really played a game with her and I started to wonder why I haven’t because she does fit my play style.  Although one of my most successful support this season is Leona I wouldn’t say that is my play style.

What is my play style? I am quite passive unless I am playing a tank jungler or top lane where I like being on the front line.  However for my mages, supports and AD carries I tend to lend myself to the more passive than aggressive play styles and for me she is a really passive support.  However can still be game changing so I broke her out this morning and had one game with her.  For my sins I will admit that I used ranked for this experiment mainly due to the fact I am in Bronze V and no one wanted to play support so I thought nothing of breaking her out because I had nothing to lose.  I ended up 0-1-26 and I am very pleased with it.    Although I would like to say it was a 4-5 due to an AFK which probably had a huge impact in the game, however I know when your on a new champion you tend to feel a little awkward but if I’m honest I felt quite comfortable on her.  Will I be making it her my main support?  I’m not sure but she is definitely a support I want to put some work in on.

Have you tried any champions that you tend not to play because of Worlds?  If so who?

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