What I learnt from Worlds Day One

I have to admit, I spent the majority of my time watching NA this season being a die-hard Curse Fan.  The problem with this is that although great because I keep an eye on my team even if they are in the wrong time-zone being from the UK, I missed so much.  The difference in the different regions is amazing, I was amazed by the first game where it was two teams from the Asian servers.

Some of the picks were the same as I would expect but there was a Rumble Pick for example and that hasn’t been seen in the NA/EU scene this season at all.  If nothing Worlds has really opened my mind to consider more champions.  Although this isn’t ideal because I am trying to trim down my champion pool at the moment so I can specialise in 2 champions in each role for now.  The main point for me though is just be more open-minded in champion select, not that I am one of these people who out right says that is a bad pick because it all depends on how well you can you play the champion.  The only problem I have is when a player picks a champion that really doesn’t fit the team composition.

Have you learnt anything from Worlds?  If so let me know in a comment below.  Try not to let too many spoilers out just in-case others haven’t seen the matches yet.  It’s more about the way that Worlds effect your thought process.

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