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So this is a blog post because I have a bit of time and really wanted to complain about how bad the customer service and product can be.  Now for a bit of background I am long-standing BT customer with an 8 Mbps line of which this is where it has been from the beginning and as such every year I ring up to renew the contract to keep my bill at an acceptable level.  This year I do this and was surprised to find out that they will actually take some money off this year, because last year it didn’t it went up, so that was great.

Here comes the problem, for a long time I have been having issues with the wireless on the BT Homehub but it doesn’t cause enough of a problem or fit the requirements in order to be replaced.  Now that I was signing up for a new contract great time to get an upgrade on my hub, shouldn’t be a problem.  Apparently the person on the other end of the phone couldn’t put it through until the next day when my new contract was running ok.  So although that was a little annoying I can deal with that.  So ring back the next day, they agreed to replace it but with the same version I already had.  I didn’t want the same version I wanted the 4 or 5 for the 5Ghz wireless in the hope that, that would solve things with the wireless, after a little bit of back and forth I got an order number for the BT Homehub 4 great.

So next morning the hub arrives and to my surprise it was the Hub 5 which I thought was great until I wired it all up and it kept randomly disconnecting.  It seemed to do it at the most awkward of times, and the Homehub 3 wasn’t doing this so I phoned BT and they said there was nothing wrong and that they would monitor it for 24 hours and arrange a call back for me and the text message is below confirming:

Now since then its been 2 days and still no call back.  I will admit the problem seems to have fixed itself but considering I have had 2 text messages to confirm the time of the call back and not to have heard anything just seems bad customer service to me.  I am doubting whether I will hear anything now, but for me I am happy now that my service is back working properly with the new hub and it has made a huge difference to wireless performance.  So it has all ended well but for customer service I have to say I am not happy, if your going to follow something up and offer a call back and even text the customer twice about it at least ring them back.

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