The Walking Dead Season 1 Video Game Review

This has to be the first game in a long time where I really wanted to carry on playing and not stop.  The problem I have is that normally I get half way through a game and want to go back to League of Legends it is not a reflection on the games it is just the style but this one was different.  It has been a while since I had played any sort of story based game and I am so glad I played this one.  The last story based game I really played like this on PC anyway was Broken Sword as a kid.

The game play itself for me was ok, it was quite easy to answer the questions with the reaction that you wanted.  The game had quite a black and white way of dealing with situation, which to be honest I was quite glad of because I hadn’t played a lot of this type of game so I wanted my hand-held in some respects.  The story itself wasn’t lacking and the character development for me was really good, normally this gets drowned out by game play for me in most games, this wasn’t the case.

If I had to criticise this game, at all it would be that it wasn’t hard to make the wrong decisions.  I felt the story was good but it meant that the decisions you made, didn’t quite feel like it was changing your games experience that much like it said that any decision you made was influencing the game.  That said though I should probably replay the game making different decisions.

I would give this game a 9/10 and recommend you pick it up.  If you don’t think the game is for you then feel free to watch my playlist above and see my decisions and my experience while playing the game.

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