Subscribed to My First Streamer and Why?

So I have always been one of these people who didn’t subscribe to streamers because I made sure I had AD Block disabled while watching their stream.  However when sat there one day last month I decided to subscribed to ImaQTPie (QT) which to anyone that knows me would know is a bit strange because I am a huge Curse fan.

However to be honest I did it because I had a bit of spare cash and because he has always been really friendly to the community and appreciative of his fans.  Not saying other pros aren’t because another example of that is Voyboy.  The reason QT got the sub was because he streams more often at the time I am able to watch, and I have to admit I did it also in the hope that I would get some of my questions answered.  Although I failed to get my questions answered by him directly the chat was helpful at times and to be honest I don’t blame him for not getting to my question just because of the amount of people in his chat.

The question is will I keep the subscription up?  I don’t think so not because QT didn’t answer my questions it just I haven’t got time to watch his stream as much as I would like.  Has it been a positive experience parting with my hard earn cash for a stream?  I would say it is a mixed bag, I feel good about supporting someone who is producing content, but I had hoped to get my questions answered as a sub.  Has it put me off subscribing to anyone else?  No it hasn’t but next time if I do it even though I want to support the Pros like QT I think I might support smaller streamers if I find their stream helpful.

Have you subscribed to anyone’s stream?  If so why?

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