The Race to the Bottom Argument

“The Race to the Bottom” this is something that I have come across quite a lot this week, because as anyone that has visited my blog of late will know that I am now a happy Chromebook user and will probably do one more post on it tomorrow now I’ve been using it for nearly 2 weeks.  However I was reading this article about the Chromebook and Macbook Air and how Google are scrimping on the screens of their Chromebooks at the bottom end of the scale.

Which I don’t disagree and this isn’t too much about the article itself as the author was highlighting that he would prefer to spend more money in order to get a better screen.  It was the comments on the article a found quite annoying with the reference to race to the bottom as if it was a bad thing.  I feel that some times people forget that some people don’t want to spend £1000 on a laptop and for me this is where Google is doing the right thing.  They have made an Operating System (OS) that cuts out the extras that some people do not need, to provide no hassle computing if you can live on the web.  Having the processing done on-line why would you need an expensive machine?  In the article the author explains why he’s gone for the most expensive Chromebook you can get, but if me personally I was adding the Chromebook to my existing set up so the high-end need just wasn’t there.

Microsoft themselves have realised that they might need to change things around with the announcement they are going to produce a low-budget machine.  The comments I appreciate that the race to the bottom isn’t going to be for everyone, but some times I feel that this negative attitude is just not needed.  Think of how much Google are going to be helping the education sector and other undeveloped countries by having these machines out there.  As Google has announced that they have sold 1 million Chromebooks in the last quarter to schools in the US.  How can that no be good for them?  Easily maintained machines at low prices.

Although this article is kind of bashing the people who think that you get what you pay for and you should go big on your technology but it’s not I am just highlighting that some people just don’t need an expensive machine with all the bells and whistles.  Sometimes you just want hassle free computing and that is what my little cheap Chromebook is for me.  You can see my thoughts after a week here.

What do you think is the race to bottom a good or bad thing?  Or should be just accept that people’s computing needs are different and what fits one person might not fit another

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