Dooms Day Bots What does it teach you?

This game mode from Riot is insane, but they are trying to teach you something in the game.  Can you guess what?  For me its objective control because you won’t be able to win team fights once the game goes on.  Although it’s a game mode that we come to know as a bit of fun and to mix things up to keep you interested.  However this game mode for me is aimed to teach the less skilful players objective control.

Now I will admit I’m in that bracket because I’ve spent the whole season in Bronze, but what I see most of the time in that level is people put emphasis on kills and not think too much about the objectives.  This a generalisation but I see it quite a lot and to be honest I have been guilty myself of tunnel version myself in some games.

My current record playing Doom Bots is passed the first difficulty level, the second difficult took to attempts and I’m yet to win the most difficult doom bots level after two attempts.  I have to admit I’ve had a few questionable builds because I’m trying to build with quick objectives take down not for the kills which is what are needed but then it turns out I don’t have the damage because I’ve gone for attack speed over damage at times.

How have you found the game mode?  Have you enjoyed it?

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