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Acer C720

To be honest nothing has really changed from my initial thoughts that can be read here, so I thought that I would try to consolidate those thoughts with real world situations that I found myself in or things to think about when using a Chromebook.

So which channel am I using?  This is something to consider because you can switch between them but you need to consider how you want to use your Chromebook.  Do you want a stable experience or do you want the latest features before they come out?  The answer for me was the stable experience, plus after doing some reading around it is advisable to do recovery images just in case something goes wrong with your Chromebook.  Although there is no instructions on how to do this on the Chromebook, you can do it by putting in chrome://imageburner/ in the address bar.  What this does is download the latest image for your Chromebook specifically from Google.  What does this have to do with what channel you use I hear you ask?  Well doing my reading I did notice that the majority of people were under the impression that you have to update this at least once every 2 updates because once you have updated it doesn’t like you to go back for security reason.  This is to do with verification boot and it could take some time to explain it all properly so it might be its on blog post in the future.  So that is the major reason I’m staying on stable because I want a hassle free experience with my Chromebook and don’t want to be making recovery images too often as the beta and dev channels update more often.  The other thing is if you do get a corrupted Chromebook and haven’t made this image don’t panic you can get it on Google’s support sites at any time just follow the instructions here.

A few other minor things that I noticed about the whole deal was the Google Drive offer but that’s got its own post the other day, so we won’t go into but you can see it here.

As for build and use this week.  I have to say the Acer C720 has blown me away, it does exactly what I want and quickly.  I am really pleased with it the battery has been great I’ve used it daily this week and only really charged it 3 times in 7 days.  I have to admit from each charge I was averaging about 6 hours but that is an average guess because it really does depend on your usage as I could have a plan site open or a Google Doc open full it says you have 8 hours plus and it does adjust itself in real-time based on the power being used at the time.  The other thing I would like to say, it does attract the finger prints and dust, but the keyboard is really comfortable.

I would recommend this very highly to anyone that wants a secondary machine, or can manage to do everything they want to do in Chrome.  If you can’t then get it at as a second machine and use Google’s own remote desktop plug-in I have used it with my desktop in order to play a little bit of Eve from the comfort of my sofa.

For a cheap low powered machine you can’t go wrong I give it 9/10 Google and Acer has done really well with this.  I might be putting together some more articles soon about it I don’t know yet.  However as problems arrive you will know about them.  If you have any tips or tricks for the Chromebook let me know in a comment below.

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