Google Docs and Why I wished I used it more

It’s amazing how one device can change your whole outlook on your technology and the way that you use it.  Yeah I have to admit I’m still on the honeymoon phase with the use of my Chromebook but the more it forces me to use Google Products the more I realise that I missed out at certain times.

I will admit that Google Docs would have probably been more useful while I was at University and that I didn’t have a Google account until mid way through the second year.  However when I stop and think about it due to my really bad back up schedule and remember stuff that could actually be useful.  I have lost quite a bit of my University work due to hardware malfunctions and other reasons however if I had lived in the cloud more than I wouldn’t have had that problem.  I guess in short I wish I’d used Google Docs more, because I noticed that I had started to use it but then stopped using it for what reason I couldn’t tell you.  If I had to guess it would have been because of the privacy and terms and conditions at the time, whether mislead or not I seemed to have stopped using it.

Now however that view has changed along with the rest of the public view, maybe it was because the normal suite used at the time was Microsoft Office, was the only suite used and I needed the features and to be honest I would still need them.  Although Google Docs have come a long way they haven’t got to the place where I would be completely happy with using it for University work now.  That said I think I would put the bulk of it together and then add what I couldn’t at the University Library or something like that instead of investing Microsoft Office myself.  Although this has gone off in a weird way, in short I wish I had used it more just because I’d still have my files and also it wouldn’t matter where I was working as long as I had internet connection.

The other subject to discuss in this post is mainly how I’ve adopted Google again all because I have a Chromebook.  But what I am realising whether the right place to store your data or not the huge advantage Google has is it doesn’t discriminate, you don’t really need to be on a specific machine.  I know that Microsoft are doing this slowly but at the same time Google has been doing this for years.  I can access all my files on all my devices and that’s something that I really like the ability to.

Will I be using Google Docs for everything?  No, but I will be using it for most of it.  However I won’t be relying on it completely I will be taking local backups of my data as well.  Although to be honest as you can tell I think its safer with Google than even me.

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