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Well browsing through Netflix after starting the revisited segment, I came across this documentary and it instantly caught my attention because one it was technology based and two because it had the Google colours in the title along with other big players in the technology industry.  At the moment I am Google mad as I’ve recently purchased a Chromebook, I will admit that and my thoughts on it after just one day can be viewed here.  Going into this documentary I thought it was going to be about what the companies put in the terms and conditions that we regularly just scroll to the bottom and accept.  Which is was about but it had more than that to it.

It was aiming at our privacy and how these documents have changed over the years, along with the real driving force is it the companies or someone else pushing these changes?  Don’t get me wrong now our data holds real value to companies and its in their interested but is their other organisations that can benefit from this?  In the news at the moment specially in the UK there is a lot of talk about the government and their emergency data laws.  So this is a very valid point and I think if anyone has Netflix should take the time to watch this documentary.  It holds very good points with the ultimate question how much is our privacy worth?  It even challenges the belief that some if not most people use and that is if you haven’t got anything to hide then what’s the problem?

The documentary is mainly aimed at the U.S. more so than anywhere else and does make a point of saying that the E.U. has stricter guidelines and what companies can do with our data.  However I feel that it was a very good documentary and asked many questions that will find you soul-searching and maybe even doubting your presence on-line.

I’d give this documentary 9/10 although maybe not the most factual in some respects however it wasn’t ever meant to be that type of documentary.  It challenged the ideologies and the very way we interact with the internet.

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