Thoughts on Google Goodies with a New Chromebook

Now I would like to say that I’ve only had my Chromebook two days right off the bat so I probably haven’t used it enough to comment too much on it but I wanted to get this out there.  Now I can only think that Google add the goodies to your Chromebook to try to seal the deal, because people coming from a Windows environment will think 16 Gig hard drive isn’t all that big and they would be right now however, you’re doing everything in the cloud so that would be OK if I had cloud storage.  Hence Google Goodies where they give 100 gig of Google Drive storage for 2 years.

However while sat here using my Chromebook I slow realised that, that give-away is kind of misleading in some ways because your documents, spreadsheets and presentations made using Google’s on software in the cloud doesn’t count towards that quota.  Google have said from the very begin of Docs that any files made using out software won’t count towards your storage limit.  Which for free they give you 15 gig now I do believe.  As I was sat there typing away on my Chromebook I realised that the document I had just created in Google Docs wasn’t going to mean anything to that free storage they had given me.

Now before everyone starts going off on one, I know that over time I might decide I need PDFs and other file formats on my drive and the space will come in handy.  However I think the point I am trying to make if by the end of the two years, you haven’t got near to the 15 gig limit which I know I won’t.  I don’t think I will be renewing it for the cost.  Just because what I do just doesn’t need that much storage because I am happy using Google’s own software.  This is also a Google thing though because it means you get this space for 2 years and you know that you can always produce documents and office stuff like that without using up that space.  This is where I wish that Google Docs was available while I was in Uni more, not just at the end because I have lost a few fails over the years since that if I had done them there I wouldn’t have.

Now that I have written this post though, I have kind of sat here wondering what my point is because your still get free space for 2 years maybe it’s not such a bad thing.  This said you might want to consider it when it comes time for renewal.

Have you got an opinions on this?  Have you used your 100 Gig or not?  Obviously this is my view based on my usage, so I would be interested to see other people’s thoughts.

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