Skins Season 1 Revisited

The Skins Cast of Season 1

I thought that I would start a new segment and that’s revisited where I take some older movies and TV Shows from the Netflix catalogue and review them.  This segment might not be for everyone but it’s away of starting to get back into blogging again.

So Skins was the first show that popped up that I thought I haven’t watched that in a while, and I really enjoyed the first season.  I can’t quite remember when I stopped watching it and to be honest, I might carry on watching it and see where I give up this time.

I enjoyed the first season I think because of age and because at the time it was quite fresh nothing had quite been done this way before.  You saw the way people develop through college/sixth form and how their actions effected the group of friends and the others around them.  The main thing that dragged me to it was seeing how the characters developed and what caused them to act the way they did.  The concentrated episode for me that didn’t do that was the first episode in the season where it was supposed to be focusing on Tony.  For me it did focus on him but him now not the true development you got in the other episodes that you saw with the other characters.  That said because Tony was the focus point throughout the season you could see him developing through the season.  The emphasis of him being the main character made it through the first season and that made it even more interesting because although you were finding out specifically about the character that is specific to that episode you saw development in Tony as well.

Overall I would recommend this season to anyone at a loss end and give it 8/10.  If you’re at a loose end you might want to catch it whether you’ve seen it before or not.  Now that I am out of that age bracket and have seen it before I still have enjoyed watching the first season anyway.

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