Chromes Away and the Acer C720

Acer C720

Well I finally did it I got a Chromebook.  Anyone that knows me knows that I love technology and always want to try everything related to technology and I’ve finally done it and got a Chromebook.  I have only had it about 7 hours at this point and thought I’d get my thoughts down on it and why I have chosen it.

Why a Chromebook?

The final decision was that I wanted a device that could be moved around the house but at the same time give me functionality.  I hear you cry functionality on a Chromebook!!!  I did this by analysing what I did on my desktop over a period of time and slowly came to the conclusion other than game, which is something that I don’t like doing on a laptop or tablet anyway, everything else I did other than communication on Mumble was done in my Chrome Browser.  So that was indication number one to why I should get a Chromebook.  The second was Mumble would be nice so a tablet might be a good shout because I could download the application and run it all from that.  However even though everything I wanted to do was possible on a tablet and I was missing a few things with the Chromebook, there was one thing that finally made my decision for me I couldn’t live without a proper keyboard.  Yes I know you can get Bluetooth ones for tablets but for me a proper keyboard and touch pad was the way forward.

Initial Thoughts on Acer C720

So the main reason for picking this model was because once I’d set my sights on a Chromebook I thought there was no where better than to ask the ChromeOS community which they thought were the best Chromebook’s on the market.  Although that is relative I know the Acer did come top of the pile, along with the fact that when checking the life support page it was the longest supported at the moment.  The only other one that really beats it for actual spec is the Google Pixel but the price difference is huge and more than I was willing to pay for something that was limited to web browsing in its most crudest form.

Once I had come to that I was then looking for the 4 Gig version as it would be more future proof but it turns out they aren’t sold in the UK so it had to be the 2 Gig verision.  It was ordered and less than 24 hours later it was on the door step.  So I cracked open the box and followed the quick set up guide which in truth I didn’t really need to because it was so simple.  The only thing that slightly concerned me at the time was even just lifting the lid the Acer turned itself on, it had me thinking that someone else had used it that it was only in Standby mode.  Then common sense prevailed that the official seal was still on the box so there for it couldn’t of been.  The set up couldn’t of gone any smoother and I won’t be you with the details but I got on-line fine and claimed my free storage from Google leaving the music out for now because I don’t need it at the moment.  One quick reboot and I am good to go because there was an update although it didn’t nag me or anything to restart I just did it because I’m used to doing it in Windows.

So after about 3 hours usage now I would say here are my thoughts, at first glance I am happy with it the keyboard does feel a bit cheap and clunky at times.  That said though the more I type on it the more I get used to it, so maybe its me.  The other little thing that I don’t really get on with is the 2 fingers for right click, although that might be something that comes with time as I’ve never had to use mouse gestures before.  The good points is I was up and running in minutes and even though I haven’t really tested it the battery seems to be holding up well, the fact that this is the 2 Gig model doesn’t seem to be an issue yet either although haven’t really gone any further than 2 tabs open at a time so only time will tell.

For the time being I would say the Chromebook is a great secondary device and will do a better review of it in a week or so times when I’ve really tried it out.  However I thought I’d get this out now while its fresh in my mind and also gave me an excuse to use my Chromebook 😀

The Chrome OS Community is here and I would recommend them to anyone that is thinking or has a Chromebook they seem to be very helpful and knowledgeable.  However must importantly they seem to be able to give their opinion and debate it without out in becoming personal.

Have you got a Chromebook or had one, what’s your experience let? Me know also any tips for using mine all feedback is appreciated.

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