The WWE and Me

So since Wrestlemania 30 (might be the wrong number, but this years Wrestlemania) I have been watching quite a bit of the Pay Per Views since and RAW.  Now this is the first time since my teens and I have to admit for the most part I am enjoying it.  Reliving my teenage years if you will and amazed how much it has changed and still having a few of the big names that I grew up watching.

However there is one development I don’t like, I know that social media is huge for TV Shows or anything because there in no better advertising than Word of Mouth and that now includes Social Media.  For me asking people to discuss the matches using specific tags on Twitter is fine, it’s a good way to gauge your audience and what they actually want to see when putting together the storylines.  The major problem I have is when they highlight what is trending World Wide to do with them.  If it was just mentioned in the message in the corner of the screen then that would be ok but the commentators make a huge point of it.  They also seem to mention when they have better ratings or more viewers than other shows, which is great but it is really annoying the fact they need to highlight it show much.

All this is, good for sponsors I guess but as just a viewer  I know that I’m watching it but I don’t need to know how successful they are, the self promoting when it’s not even an extra service it’s just making them highlight how much they are dominating and bigging themselves up.

Anyway rant over, have you gone back to any shows from your teenage years?  Or anything that you’ve done when your younger and not liked the way it has developed?

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