Orange is the New Black Season 2 Review

I really enjoyed the first season and have been marathoning the second season this week because I realised that I haven’t really been using my Netflix the last couple of months and the price has gone up so having the time it was something that I could get into quickly or so I thought.

This is not a bad reflection on season two as the way it’s delivered they don’t need to do a recap because you have the first season in the back catalogue.  However I started watching the first episode of this season, wishing it had a previously segment because it has been so long since I had seen the first season and I was left asking myself where did this come from?  However getting passed the first few episodes I soon got back into the mind-set, and soon caught up with the characters.

Something that I would like to say Netflix has done this very well because the character development this season was amazing.  I feel that you saw new sides of all the main characters as the situation changes, even if they are all banged up.  It seems to explore the downsides to life in prison while adding drama and comedy to it.

This is a show that will keep engrossed because of the way you feel empathy for the characters and want to discover more about the character.  Each episode seemed to throw this little curve ball subtly unlocking either tougher or softer sides of people, you slowly get to see just how disturbed these individuals are.

I will say though there is some action if you’re looking for a prison T.V, series with loads of action this isn’t for you.  Also if you’re not a Netflix subscriber then I wouldn’t say that it is a show that you’d want to subscribe just for however if you are a scriber then I would say this is a must try.  Overall I’d give this a solid 7/10  come and enjoy the power struggles.

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