Second Day in Manjora

To be honest after booting into Windows, as normal and looking through the normal activity I was pleasantly surprised.  My article about my first day in Manjora which was actually quite succesful in the views stats.  Ok we didn’t have any comments or anything but it was a real success to my mind even though it could have been just a bot thing who knows.  If you reading this article I would recommend going back and finding out about my first day here.

So with all this enthuasam I boot into my Virtual machine only to find the mirror problem so with regret I decide right I enjoyed being in terminal yesterday let me try to get my head around arch as these mirrors aren’t working and I had tried every possible fix on the internet I could find.

I found some really helpful YouTube Videos that ran me through the cmd line installation of Arch and I came up with the same problem.  Then it dawned on me to change my DNS settings, of which I know you can do that in Linux but as it was a Virtual box I decided it would just be easier to go with changing it in Windows on the host machine.  Moved to Google DNS servers and bang was able to download from the mirrors and everything was working happily.

Finally getting everything working with a Desktop environment this was 5 hours later, I noticed that the terminal in Gnome was crashing and not realising about the alt ctrl and f key command I was like great can’t do much here now.  So took a break and was still a little annoyed and decided to delete the box and start again.  Tempted to put Manjora back on with the new DNS settings but having tasted the power that I had with Arch.  I’ve gone about rebuilding that box purely box I enjoyed making things happen in the command line and I know you can do that with Manjora but I feel like I can really build this mission from the ground up with Linux Arch.

Would I put this on my machine natively? No because I am still ironing out some bugs for me in the virtual machine.  For example I have no sound.  I know that is probably my fault and the virtual box and also I wouldn’t trust myself to format the drives properly on my actual machine.

What it has given me is a great appreciation for the power of command line and I’ve really enjoyed building something from the ground up.  I’ve probably spent the best part of 8 to 10 hours on this today and I’m going to leave more for tomorrow.

Would I go back to Ubuntu if I had to choose a Linux distro now?  Hell no.

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