First Day in Manjora

terminal first day in ManjoraWe’ll its been one of those days again.  Where I get the sudden urge to play with something different.  Having a mate that was sat on mumble patching some servers, I had realised that I hadn’t played with Linux in a while and it was something that I was very much interested in a while ago.

I do have a love hate relationship with Linux because it has helped me kill a few machines over the years.  Not saying it was Linux but heat issues and a few other things came to light while running it.  So I didn’t know what to go with because while playing the Ubuntu I had known it to becoming more and more bloated.  So while watching a review on Linux Mint I stumbled back across Jupiter Broadcasting that I used to watch on YouTube.  While watching a few of their videos they were raving about Linux Arch.  While looking into it I realised that was a little bit too deep for me as I would prefer having a gui to install the OS.  So I went with Manjora because it was a fork of Arch while having a GUI.

Firing up the virtual machine and installing it all went well and to be honest it was quicker than Ubuntu not that it was that hard.  It even noticed that I was in a virtual box and installed the guest addons as default.  You might be thinking thats great its all installed on working and that was my reaction, but try and install something and I hit my head against a brick wall.  There was issues with my mirror lists even to update.  For the most part I found a few reasons on the net, and spent about 6 hours in terminal trying to solve this.  In the end I did get it sorted but don’t ask me how I did at the end of it.  Managed to get my system updated and then installed chromium without any issues after the hassle of trying to get it all sorted for the updates.

That is about as far as I’ve got and currently using firefox as chromium doesn’t seem to use the flash plugin that firefox uses and I just can’t be bothered to get it working right now.

So in short will I be dual booting with this OS? Probably not yet.  Was it what I was expecting? No I was hoping for it to be more straight forward.  Am I glad it was so hard?  Yes because it gave me a challenge and I feel although I can’t remember what happened to solve the problem I learnt something and feel more comfortable in a terminal.

So how do you find Manjora would you recommend it to anyone?


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