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Flying with the Fleet
Flying with the Fleet

So for the last 48 hours I’ve been playing Eve near enough solidly because of one thing.  A streamers community, I had followed this guy on twitch on and off for a few months first when I started Eve.  However he wasn’t streaming as often as he is now, so I wasn’t in his community for want of a better phrase and what a difference it makes.

I feel that I was a bit hard on Eve in my last few posts, and it has the nickname of spreadsheets in amongst a group of friends, however by being part of the community and running in fleets it really does make the game.  I am no longer just mining Hi Sec I am going on level 4 missions with a Frigate.  To anyone that doesn’t play the easiest way of describing that is that you’re doing nearly top-level missions in first level equipment.  It’s not a great example some of the hardcore Eve players might disagree but its the easiest way of putting it.  I have lost about 200 mil in isk in about 2 days, though with buying new ships getting them blown up or buying the wrong fitting and miss selling them.

Which are huge mistakes but at the same time I am really enjoying it, just got to spend some time mining just to get me back up to about 500 mil isk and I’ll be happy.  I think that’s my comfortable wallet balance for the time being.

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