Need for Speed Movie Review

What did I expect from this movie?  Not a lot and what I did expect was to be able to sit there and just enjoy a movie for what it was.  That was exactly like it was and it was kind of like Fast and Furious but different at the same time.

The acting was pretty good and the story line was ok, but for me it was the comedy that made the movie.  It had a serious theme to it but it was just well broken up by humor.  The car chasing and special effects were really good if there was any,  Aaron Paul did really well in his role, as he has been in Breaking Bad he played the out of control kid and in this movie he was the silent tough guy sort of persona.  Although different I felt he pulled it off well and all the characters, seemed to well thought out.

I can only give this movie 4/10 though, because although its entertainment value is high the acting was good.  I just didn’t see anything different in the movie there were very little if any twists in the storyline.  Some of the things that happened just left you asking really, of which is ok but not in a movie where its best in some what of a real world environment.  Would I recommend seeing it?  If you haven’t got something to see and like the Fast and Furious,  I would say yes or if you just want to see a movie, that will make you laugh in places and not involve too much thinking with fast cars all of the above makes it worth watching.

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