Thinking about going back to Eve Online

This is one of the games that isn’t on my list for 2014 because I only spent about a month playing it.  I feel that there is a need to explain the back story of this game.  I was playing World of Warcraft for years and I was more about gold making than anything else so when a mate got into Eve he asked why not give it ago?  The reason for this is because quite a huge part of Eve is to do with economy and making the in-game currency isk.  For the first month I had a bet going with a mate that I wouldn’t be able to make enough isk to buy a plex, but I managed to do it.  After that though the game fell off because this mate, that is quite typical he got bored and moved onto other games so being left in the universe on my own I kind of let it slip.

So I hear you ask why are you considering going back?  Well my mate hasn’t wanted to go back but while realising I need to get on with reading the book series of Ice and Fire it dawned on me while playing Eve I made huge progress reading the first book Game of Thrones.    So with that in mind I started to watch a few streams and remember although my mate wasn’t playing I did meet some nice people in the game as well and probably didn’t give it a good enough chance after completing the bet and my mate leaving the game.

Although it’s not something that you want from a game but it is possible to multi-task in Eve because you can mine safely enough and make isk while reading or doing something else.  This isn’t the only reason for going back though because if I do I am going to try to experience more of the game other than just mining.  That being said though with my list of games that need my attention and the fact it is a subscription based game I don’t know whether I really want to commit to it.

What are your thoughts on Eve?  Or any MMO at the moment?


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