Initial Thoughts on League of Legends Team Builder

This was quite interesting last night after saying that I was burnout.  I had to try this game mode as it is in beta for the next couple of days and I have to say I am really impressed.

Although I wasn’t sure when they mentioned it because I thought that it took away some of the flexibility the game has when in champion select.  That said after playing some games with both loses and wins I have to say it does seem to be more positive.  The toxicity doesn’t seem to be there as much, because out of the 5 games I played I think that I had one toxic player.  That sort of thing means I am happy with the game because you’re not going to be arguing who’s playing who and where.  It seems to put people in a better mood, because they have the champion in the role that they want.

Queue times wasn’t too bad early on but towards the afternoon they started to get a little longer.  For me though it doesn’t matter as much because your going to get a more positive experience when playing and if Riot decide to use this instead of Normal Blind Pick I would it would decrease times because there will be a higher volume of players using the new function.  The only thing I would like to see in the new way of forming teams is the ability to do a mixture of party and randoms because at the moment it’s either a full party of 5 invited or randoms no in the middle.

Overall the beta for me has been a positive experience and I really do hope that Riot implement this permanently just with the addition of being able to do a mixture of pre made and randoms because I know myself that it is hard to get a full team together.


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