Giving up Ranked

This is something that I am considering because lately due to the game list that I want to do I haven’t been getting the practise I need to constantly produce performances on summoners rift. That being said I want to play a game and not worry too much about the result.

At the start of this season that was going to be the attitude I was going to take anyway but I have found I have been caring about my performance because I want to get out of bronze. The problem with this is I am putting pressure on myself and finding that I am playing more and more toxic players so I am no longer enjoying the game. Not saying that Normals will not have the toxic players when the game goes wrong but once I’ve played that game that I don’t really care about I can try another with no real consequence. Not only that playing other games, you kind of see just how bad League can be with the way players can be on the rift, I say on the rift because outside the game I have found the community to be really nice. It’s just when you’re in a game that want to win consumes players and with that you see an ugly side to these people when the game starts to go the wrong way.

I know I am generalising but I just don’t want the pressure at the moment so I might just play Normal Draft as a substitute while I am working through my gaming list. Just because I feel burnt out right now as far as League of Legends is concerned, I do get the urge to play the game just half way through I start to think why?

Have you ever had some games or period of time where you need down time from the game?

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