League of Legends Review of the Day 05-02-14

Day Review for 05-02-14
Day Review for 05-02-14

The last two days have been very up and down.  Feeling a bit like a Yolo to be honest because I seem to be going up and down from Bronze IV to V.  I am currently in Bronze IV so yey  suppose I am in the lesser of two evils I guess.  Having said that I do feel like I am improving slightly.

Slightly there being the operative word because I think that I have slowly come forward in my game play by realising which champions I am strongest on.  Although not by these games, I have narrowed my ADC pool to Ashe and Caitlyn.  Mid is just Swain only purely because I don’t play a lot of mid yet and haven’t really needed to find another mid champion as Swain is always up for grabs and I’ve found that even when he is in a tough lane just his kit sees me through.  My top laners of choice are Dr. Mundo and Shyvanna and jungle I would have to go with Udyr as I haven’t played a lot of jungle either.  I seem to be in bot lane and ADC as many of you know isn’t my best role.

With all this said I think its time to give League of Legends at least a day break because I am slowly burning out I think, the games aren’t going my way and having to deal with flamers is really starting to take its toll.  I am not going to be away for long I just feel the need to take a step away because I have been playing nearly 8 or more games a day and although I feel like I am making progress its slow.  I don’t mind it being slow just feel the break will do me good and come back to the game a fresh.

Anyway hope your having a good time on the fields of justice and to the next time.

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