LCS and What I’ve Learnt from it

I realised after writing my article about can you learn anything from the LCS?  It was quite negative towards what you can learn from it and use in Solo Queue so here goes nothing with trying to be positive.

Without the LCS I would never of tried Jungle Gragas of which I had a very positive game with and some negative ones but that is more my mechanics than the pick.  Although in the previous post I highlighted just because it works in LCS it doesn’t mean it is going to work in Solo Queue for you.  Which still stands it’s just I am trying to point out that you might see something different and want to try it.  During this weeks LCS they run a segment about the value of Solo Queue for the pros and how it helps their game and I suppose it is quite interesting looking at it from the other side.  They spend so long working as a team that Solo Queue actually helps them by showing them new things that aren’t used in their circles.

The biggest learning point for me this season now we are seeing Le Blanc and other assassins is that no matter which champion I am mid I am always looking for a roam.  As a player I am quite conscious of winning my lane and as such just sitting there farming even when there are plays to be made.  So that was why my Talon was so successful against Heimerdinger was because I realised I wasn’t going to win that lane the way it was going so any opportunity I got I roamed.   So there are some positives to come from the LCS and don’t get me wrong known of these posts are the rules, but I am trying to highlight that watching the LCS is great and will improve your game.  However you just need to bare in mind you need to pick on the mindset not the build or the champions picked.  You need to ask yourself why did they do what they did?  Why did they build that item first?

I have to say I learn more from the analyst desk than I do from the actually match.  Just because it’s all slowed down and as the shoutcasters are pointing out what the teams were doing I am picking up on those ideas and maybe coming up with things that those casters haven’t mentioned.

For me what makes the pros good is because they can adapt, they see what is in front of them and build accordingly.  Not saying that you don’t but it’s that decision-making that makes the good players awesome.

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