Lone Survivor Move Review

FIrst and foremost I have to say this isn’t my type of movie, when seeing what this movie was I wasn’t really looking forward to it because of Act of Valor.  Although it was a good movie and was made by the soldiers involved or something like that I really didn’t enjoy it that much.

This movie is a graphic depiction of the war in Afghanistan I have admit I thought it was going to be high in propaganda but in all honesty there was very little of that.  It doesn’t glamorize war and try to make it look like we are doing the right thing by going to war as much as most war movies based on real events.  It shows it for what it is not wanting to give too much away, my stance on this war was that it is time that we pulled out of it.  After seeing this movie, my answer would be the same but I did see the war from a different light and now maybe understand the reasoning behind being there.  Yes that is kind of propaganda but I honestly feel it showed the worst and the best bit of human nature all in this one story and movie.

Have you seen this movie?  If so let me know what you think.

The acting was good along with the cinematic’s, I feel that this movie really did do the story justice and bring home just the strains and accomplishment that can be done by surviving your country.  Although the costs might not be worth it for some, this movie really did have me thinking about the whole situation we find ourselves in, as a country the (U.K.) even though it was based on Navy Seals.

Would I recommend going to see this movie? Yes but I wouldn’t give it full marks I would probably give it a 7/10 because I enjoyed it, and can’t really think of anything negative about it.  I just don’t think it deserves anymore than that for me, although it could have been all the extra added sound effects when there was painful scenes that ruined it a little.

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