League of Legends Review of the Day 31-01-14

Today's Stats
Today’s Stats

Today didn’t go quite so well on the Rift.  I walked away from League early today because I was just fed up with the flamers.

The Leona game wasn’t that bad we were just out played and I had a very passive ADC in which we didn’t synergies that well.  The Nasus game I will put down to having one person AFK, so it was always going to be an up hill battle.

The Caitlyn game was the one that broke the camels back because the players in this game were just toxic and I just felt like shouting back at them but I didn’t.  I hit the ignore button on most of my team through the game, and I know I played badly in this game but there wasn’t much I could do we were being out poked by a Jinx and Nidalee.  I had a Shen support that missed a few taunts and my PC was playing up.  I won’t use these excuses though because it was me I was playing badly but the negative responses and offensive language had a lot to do with the outcome of the game.  Although it hasn’t got to me that much as in I have the power to say oh well not going to talk to them again and not let it get to me on a personal level.  It did make me angry in-game and just not want to work as part of the team.   So the team did lose out in the end in some respects because my heart just wasn’t in it.

This does bring me back to the point made in this article do we value Solo Queue too much.  Those guys were so dead set on winning that they forgot to be friendly and make people want to play better positive is always going to be better than negative.

Anyway as always feel free to comment share and like.  If you have any stories of flamers or negative and positive experiences in the game let me know

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