Domian Outage

I know that this doesn’t apply to this blog but as it is heavily linked with my Tumblr.  I would like to apologies to my followers and audience on for the slight outage.  I was playing around with the DNS settings for the domain and hadn’t realised that the site had been affected.  To most it won’t have caused any issues because the posts would still appear in your dashboard and as they are mainly redirected here you wouldn’t have had any issues seeing my content.

So once again I apologize for the technical difficulties faced by this domain and rest assured it won’t be happening again.  As now I have everything back up and working on the Google DNS so I assume that all the DNS will be updated soon (Prime example my default DNS hasn’t updated yet).

I will also be trying to put out some videos next week, just been a bit of a hectic week for me this week even though I am getting time to play League of Legends and Hearthstone I am not getting the chance to record the videos.

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Well what can I say I have to be one of the most boring people going but you've obviously found something of interest on this site so why not stick around and found out a bit more. I originally started blogging after taking Web Design at University and its just gone from there. I have made a few mistakes on the way and decided to start a fresh due to problems but this is going to be the real deal. Typically talking tech and what matters to me :) Happy reading and keep smiling Stueeey

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