Can you learn anything from watching the LCS?

While watching the LCS and seeing the impact that the LCS has on the picks and bans in Solo Queue I asked myself can you learn anything from the LCS Matches?  The logical answer would be yes but not in the way you might expect.

Solo Queue to me is a completely different beast when it comes to the mentality needed.  Yes these are some of the best players in the world at this game but stop a minute and think.  League of Legends is a team game and as such you need to work as a team.  Which you should all be trying to do in Solo Queue but the emphasis is on Solo.  With the friendliest of people and once that are willing to work together, you are not going to have the same synergy as a ranked 5s or what you see in the LCS.  What does this mean?  Yes LCS gives you an idea of a team composition and yes it will give you an idea which champions are worth trying and how to build them.  However for me don’t take it as Gospel because you just don’t have the same synergy.

I watch the LCS religiously and do take notes on who is picked any why the casters think they have been picked. This is more important why have they picked what champions they have.  Take Trundle for example he is a popular pick at the moment in the Top Lane but it is only because he is good at countering the tanks such as Dr Mundo.  However in Bronze V I have seen people take Trundle against a Karthus or something less squishy.  The main point to this article is learn from the LCS but don’t think that is what the pros are playing I must play it.  The permanent ban for Kassadin for example is warranted but how many people have actually played him?  I’d guess not many specially in the lower ELO do you think they will manage to play him successfully?

What are your views on picking up popular champions in the LCS?

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