League of Legends Review of the Day 30-01-14


Today has been awesome and normally I have a run down on all the games along with the thoughts of the day and picture to show you a

ll my games but not today.  This was all that mattered I was promoted to Bronze IV which to most wont be a big deal bu

t to me its huge.  The reason for this is in Season 3 I got placed in Silver V and I never moved, never had to play a promotional or anything and although this is still a lower league than season 3 but I am showing that I can carry some games.

Don’t get me wrong there is still room for improvement but I am really pleased with my progress.  I have to admit I did this about mid afternoon, and I haven’t played since so can’t really tell you whether there is an improvement in player by going up a league but I would hope there was.

Any way going to call this now short and sweet because I’ve got to work out why one of my domains aren’t working.

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