League of Legends Review 29-01-14

League of Legends 29-01-14League of Legends Review 29-01-14What a difference a day makes!  Yesterday seemed to go all kinds of wrong and today ok not the best of games in some of them but overall it was very positive.

The main thing to come out of today was I was able to pick up Gragas jungle.  I was quite surprised he was going to be my one quick game of ranked for the day and then I was going to move away after yesterday because I felt I needed the break but I am glad I didn’t.  I have to say though I didn’t just play ranked because a mate wanted to do the challenges to try to get the summoner’s icons.  (Although I didn’t see the objectives and I haven’t seen my icons yet),  Never the less I really enjoyed it and actually set me up well for one I went back to ranked.  It was just good to be playing on a team where you had some sort of voice communication not just a random stranger and relying on typing chat and smart pings.

I even had the confidence to play ADC one of the games after yesterday, which I even picked up an ADC I have never really played in Twitch.  He does seem a lot different to other AD Carries purely on the basis it is damage over time as opposed to straight up damage, in some respects.

Overall a really positive experience today which is always gratefully received especially after a night of insomnia.

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