League of Legends Review of the Day 28-01-14

Stats for Today
Stats for Today

As you can see it was a bit of a negative start to the day but to be honest with you although some do look bad I was pleased with my performance over all.  My Xin Zhoa jungle for example I spent at least 5 minutes of that game playing support because they hadn’t connected.

The Wukong game was with an Akali jungle that was a bit left field as it was but when he decided to give away both buffs from the beginning it all went wrong.  Although it was helpful to the players that got them and he was kind of right it meant that he was behind in levels and couldn’t really achieve anything.

The last two games were my best, the Jax was a reaction to I have had enough of losing if I am going to lose I am going to do something different and test it out.  I was really surprised because I was able to snow ball our mid lane with Jax and we picked up the win even with someone AFK for 10 minutes top lane.   My Mundo was the standard you’d expect but managed to hold out against a Renekton which I am very proud of myself for because Renekton is stronger early game and I had no ganks from the jungle this game so all in all happy with the progress of the day in the end.  Although not the best overall I am happy with my play and think that I am slowly seeing the gaps to be able to carry the team.

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