Knowing when its time to quit

Todays Stats
Todays Stats

After today I have given up playing League for the day.  This is something that any League has to identify because you just go on tilt and get even more angry with your team mates, which makes the game less enjoyable for you and others.

Today there is no excuses for me I just played badly, as you can see I played a lot of ADC and for me its one of the most difficult roles because you need to have someone there to protect you for the most part and I am seeing increasingly down in Bronze they are not worried about anything other than focusing.  Which means I am finding myself with a support that has dived on the enemy ADC however left me with a Volibear or who ever is supporting the enemy ADC bearing down on me.

Now I know we need focus but come on if your ADC is getting hammered do something about it, distract the support or something.  That is my way of thinking playing support yes focus but make sure the ADC is safe.  Now that the rant is over, I will hold my hands up and say its my own responsibility to try to keep myself safe but I did that in one game and got flamed at for it so I think it’s a balancing act.

As you can tell I am not in any state of mind to play and that is why I am stopping how long would you wait to stop playing?

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