The Devil of Coffee

Rocket Fuel

Lately I haven’t been sleeping all that great, but on a Friday I seem to be making big mistakes when it comes to getting my sleeping pattern in some sort of order.  Which is a bit weird because I work a Saturday so realistically I need a full nights sleep.

The biggest problem I have is that its cinema night, every week near enough mates and I go to the cinema and with that comes a trip to a fast food restaurant and now there is a Starbucks in the cinema it means a coffee.   Over the Christmas period it wasn’t all that bad because they did Peppermint Hot Chocolate and that was my choice which should have less caffeine in it and which would allow me to sleep.  Now that the menu has changed I am inclined to have a Chi Tea Latte and overall I find that not to bad but today I’ve had this self heating Rocket Fuel from Tesco’s afterwards.  I have to admit the purchase was the child in me wanting to try the self heating mechanism.

Even though this was coffee in a can I was pleasantly surprised, I have had Rocket Fuel before so I knew what to expect from the coffee but it was in a can and self heating.  Something about cans always makes me think that it is going to be worse than a fresh cup of something regardless what it is.  I have to say it wasn’t much worse than the fresh cup of tea and I really enjoyed it.  Which is good because it’s now nearly 3 am and I’m still awake listening to an Audio Book I picked up on this weeks Humble Bundle.  If you’re a coffee lover and you’re on the go these might be the cans for you.  I’d give it an 8/10 as far as coffees go.  Now just got to try to get some sleep.

Have you tried this coffee? What are your thoughts and favourite coffees?

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