League of Legends Review of the Day 23-01-14

Today has been full of ups and downs. The Taric game has actually made it to my YouTube channel and will probably publish it here tomorrow. I want to write something to go with it and I am not sure what just yet. The three victories was when I was duo queuing with some random person that I met in the Soraka game and I have to say it was great playing with someone that exclusively plays Riven by what I can tell because he had such a positive influence on the game. To say I got carried wouldn’t be right but I facilitated to his positive play in the teams we were in. Just having that one good player seems to be the difference, I am just not good enough to carry a whole team on my own. That said though I am thinking of trying to main support because I need a direction with my play I think. At the moment I play all roles which is good for solo queue but I need to work on trying to get one or two roles really mastered and support is one that is standing out to me.

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