Kill Steal or Kill Secure?

keep-calm-and-say-kill-secureThis was something that I wanted to write about because while playing ranked in Bronze V this season I have noticed something while playing AD Carry.

There is a trend to whether or not I win depending on whether I get fed or the team does.  For years its always been an AD Carry I need the kills and while this is still true I have found that it is slowly changing.  I am not saying that its ok for supports to take the kills on purpose but depending on the person it is on your team it might be a better idea that the kills go onto another champion or team member especially early game.

Why? I hear you cry.  Stop and think at least in low levels wouldn’t it be better that you’re keeping up with CS and giving kills over to your jungler that is tanky or your top lane?  Get them up to their key items early and they will be able to protect you better.  Be able to stand there and take more damage and generally been a pain.

This admittedly means that you need to consider your team composition before just taking the kills and complaining that someone has kill stealed.  As long as your able to farm and get the assists your already ahead of your lane opponent because they are dead not farming and now you have more protection.  This also works with the popular AD Carries at the moment because Jinx and Lucian are mid to late game champions so needing to get your items for the early game to take advantage isn’t as important compared to someone like Draven and Graves.

My examples of this is I went 5-1-15 on Ashe and won but then went 10-1-10 on Jinx and lost.

What do you think?  Is it better to feed your team than yourself as an ADC.  Let me know in a comment below and as always feel free to share this content.

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