Do you really need a traditional ADC Bot Lane?

Ok so if you follow this blog you will know that I am Bronze V but this shouldn’t really matter for this.  For me this video just proves that just because something isn’t normal it doesn’t work.  The truth is you have to adjust your team comp in order to deal with the opposition.  Not only that but to deal with what your other teammates want to play, here we have someone who only wants to play Riven Mid but someone else had taken mid lane so they moved into the bottom lane and if you watch the video you can see just how well or how badly it goes.

This for me just shows if you’re comfortable with a champion then play that champion over trying to counter someone.  You’re playing in Solo Queue not in 5v5 suggestion where you can really work in a team.  Not saying in Solo Queue you shouldn’t work as a team but these are random strangers that you probably haven’t played with before, so the emphasis should be what champion can I play and be able to have a positive outcome.

Thankfully I had quite a good team and they didn’t rage the fact that Riven had been picked regardless.  They did have a little argument about the mid lane but overall when the game started everyone pulled together and you can see what happens from my point of view.  I do plan on doing a full Shoutcast of this game because I am interested in seeing what happens with everyone else.

Have you had any weird lanes?  If so let me know how well they went in a comment below.

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