League of Legends Review of the Day 22-01-14

As you can see today hasn’t gone so well. Still at 50% win ratio and I just haven’t found a champion that I can carry with yet. I wouldn’t say that I am not playing well but I just need to move forward from my current mentality of how I can win what I need to how I can help the team to win. This is what I found when play ADC some times its better just to let your jungler and mid laner get the kill and be happy with the assist because you’re allowing them to be fed and protect you better. Having said that I am find it increasingly difficult to play ADC now in Bronze because for some reason the tankier members of the team don’t seem to remember they need to protect me and go diving for the kill. Not taking that literally though because I know that I need better positioning.

Overall today I’ve had fun but when it came later in the evening I found that’s when the flamers and negative people come out to play so I might make strides to try and play either late at night or during the day when my schedule allows it. As stated in a previous post now I am in Bronze I want to start having fun, trying as hard as I can but not having to deal with the name calling and just down right nastiness that comes with this game. The funny thing is when in the forums or on the multiple online communities people are very nice it’s just when you get into the pressure of the game they seem to become something else.

Anyway this is how my day went. I have to say I think I am starting to prefer Ashe which isn’t currently in this meta but seem to have the most success with her of late.

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