League of Legends Review of the Day 21-01-14

Well today has been very up and down to be honest but have got quite a few games in. There was more games than this and most of them losses as my percentage of wins has gone down to 51.7% which is 15 wins to 14 loses. The irony is that I won with the champions and match ups I wasn’t expecting to. Ziggs for example I thought as long as I farmed and kept Le Blanc back and under pressure we were going to win but the rotations by my team after the laning phase was just lacking and were getting picked off. Soraka being one the games I wasn’t that sure about because she isn’t my go to support but she did work well with Jinx. We managed to survive against a Leona and an Ezreal which we got ganked 3 times by an Eve and only one secured a kill.

Although Soraka doesn’t really fit the current meta I might try a little bit more often if the ADC is ok with it.

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