Do we value Solo Queue too much?

In League of Legends do we value Solo Queue too much? This is the question I was asking myself after making it into the bottom tier and league. The main reason for this was I heard Saint Vicious actually say it in one of his streams and then another mate that doesn’t play league did turn around and say does it really matter what league you’re in? My answer to this was yes because you’re more likely to win with higher ELO players. But are you really? I started to think about this and the answer would be possibly you would get players that understood the game a bit better and pick champions based on what they knew how to play without worry too much about the counters. However if you were playing divisions higher than what you should be would you have an impact in the game?

The truth is you would probably be carried and for most people that would be great because it would mean that you were going higher. Yes it would probably improve your play a little because you’d see new things and be able to take advice from others if they were willing to give it. However are we forgetting it’s just a game? This season as I am at the bottom I am going to play exclusively solo queue and not worry too much about my rank and see where it takes me. As I realised that worrying about my rank is meaning that I don’t enjoy the game as much. I think just for this season as I have no lower to go and the only way is up I am going to take you only live once attitude to solo queue and see where it gets me overall and just try to make sure that I have fun.

Please don’t get me wrong I am still going to try 100% but maybe just realise that one game loss is not the end of the world. Is it really worth responding to people that are giving you abuse or other team members abuse because it’s going to be over in 40 minutes on average.

Do you value Solo Queue too much? Or should it be taken as serious as it possibly can?

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