League of Legends Placement Matches Season 4

There is a lot of discussion this season about the Placement matches in order to get your league and division. Most not happy with where they are placed and I must admit I wasn’t very impressed when the above message came up on the screen. I had played Season 3 in Silver V and now I find myself in Bronze V. To be honest I was expecting to go down to bronze because of late my games haven’t been the best but not the bottom of league. The problem with my play is that I am good enough to play against the players I am playing against but I haven’t got the hang of carrying others yet. So I felt that I was at the right level for myself it was hard but at the same time I wasn’t losing every game and I was holding my own.

After reading articles online, I feel that Riot has changed the way the placement is worked out this season and it places you lower than you should be so you have the chance to rise up through the ranks, instead of being stuck in the same league all season. With that in mind I lost my next match, the first one since being placed in Bronze V due to having 2 AFK for most of the match there was nothing we could do. Second match however I was pleasantly surprised we won and I had gained 23 LP which is more than I have ever got for a win.

So dare I say it, I feel it’s going to be a good season. I was put off to begin with by being put in Bronze but now I see the light and think I will be playing on through this season. Plus if I didn’t feed my League addiction I think I’d start getting withdrawal symptoms. How did your placement matches go and what have you found through the experience?

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