Thoughts on 1st Week of EU LCS

I normally break down every game and make points but I don’t want to give too much away as it’s the first week and some people might have missed it and plan to catch up with it soon so I am going to generalise the points that I have picked up this week.

  • Supports can be anyone, lately we have seen Annie the new go to support in Season 4. However I have seen Amumu and now Galio so maybe you aren’t limited to the traditional supports. Leona is still stupidly strong though.
  • If you get behind don’t panic because you might be able to turn it around
  • Just because you don’t think you have a strong team composition don’t worry just play as best you can and with team work you might be able to turn around the counters.
  • Strongest Top Laners are Dr Mundo and Shyvana
    • Shyvana is stronger than Mundo early
    • Shyvana steal enemy jungle if safe after pushed Mundo to his turret
    • Maybe proxy farm
    • Tend to take teleport in the top lane
  • Jynx probably one of the strongest ADC at the moment

There were a few more points so might edit this at a later date but wanted to write this before it becomes irrelevant.

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