Graves for the Win 12-01-14

After swearing off League of Legends today, I thought that I would give it one more go just to get my first win of the day. I ended up with ADC and while in champion select I thought about a few things and decided to go with someone that isn’t being played at the moment. Something different, and indeed I broke the cardinal sin of playing ranked never play a champion you’ve never played. Believe it or not I’ve never really played Graves and I was pleasantly surprised carrying my team to victory. Although my score is pretty low I had gone around putting pressure on the map instead of staying for team fights. Although this might have some sort of negative effect on my team, it worked out for the best because when we did gather to take mid, I was just out ranged by the Ashe and couldn’t do much. It was then I took it open myself to push the other lanes, and it worked out to great success because it meant we could do little fights as opposed to trying to siege towers.

I have to admit I wasn’t sure about the Nidalee pick as a support when it came through I would have preferred a Taric but for the most part it worked out and we won the laning phase with ease. Will I be playing anymore League today? I would say no but I can’t guarantee it but I do want to finish The Witcher 2. As always if you have any comments or knowledge to share feel free to comment and share this post.

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