League of Legends the importance of keeping a positive attitude

There has been loads of articles about this and videos but I get so confused when I am playing League to people’s attitude. I am referring to solo queue mainly because this is where I spend most of my time. If something is going wrong don’t start flaming and calling people names, try and give some friendly advice and this does not extend to stop feed, as this isn’t advice. I think the problem people have is they always want to win which is the aim of the game but as soon as something starts going wrong they tend to start blaming others. I am one of those people at times I am not going to lie but what I do is I say it to my monitor I don’t type it in chat. If there is something I can advise I try it and if possible I say no worries just try to play a bit safer. Something none negative.

The thing is you have to remember these people are strangers you’re not likely going to playing with or against them again because of the volume of people playing at one time. So when you suggest things why should that person listen to you especially when you’ve been negative? I try to shout at my screen with the negative and then think about it calmly and try and advice in a positive manner making sure to be friendly so that the person is more likely to take on advice. I have been playing a lot of ranked of late, and found that it has been a great help I’ve even had people add me as a friend wanting to duo queue. Admittedly they are lower divisions than me but if I can influence their play in a positive way maybe I will get a reliable duo partner in order to improve my game.

Having played 500 games this season and had a win ratio of 45% which isn’t the best but I consider this my first real season playing League of Legends, and the fact I started the season as low as 38%. I feel I have achieved a better standard of play myself and improved as a player, and of all those games I have to say the ones that have stayed with me are the ones that we have been losing but we’ve had a friendly team and worked together and managed to pull off the victory, which just shows be friendly and supportive to your team mates and they will return the favour and have a more positive outcome.

Most importantly remember it is just a game, don’t get too worried if one goes wrong you won’t be with that team if you have flamers again and just dust yourself off and start a new game after. Not saying not to give 100% in that game you might be losing but just keep in mind one game isn’t going to kill you to lose. Frustrating yes, but kill you no.

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