LD vs OMG Notes Worlds D3


  • Zac Top Lane
  • Elise Jungle
  • Corki ADC
  • Sona Support
  • Fizz Mid


  • Kennen Top Lane
  • Ahri Mid
  • Zyra Support
  • Lee Sin Jungle
  • Corki ADC

Key Points

  • Both Junglers started red both.
  • OMG warded enemies blue so were able to see where the double lane was going which meant a lane swap because Kennen isn’t so good 2v1
  • LD Jungler camped top lane for a while and it didn’t pay off with early gank. (ADC and supports are in top lane)
  • Kennen and Zac pretty even early game
  • Fizz gets bullied early game
  • First Blood to OMG on Tristania but Elise ganked and they managed to make it 1 for 1
  • Corki gets phage first.
  • 10 minutes in top and bot lanes swap to go back to normal
  • Elise seems to have the upper hand on Lee Sin
  • Sona was killed resulting in OMG getting a Dragon even though Lee Sin lost out to Elise 2 minutes before.
  • Tristania got Vampire Scepter but rushed Infinity Edge
  • OMG took top turret and mid turret with no answer
  • After the mid lane turret went down they roamed together to take bottom turret as well
  • LD took second dragon but OMG went for the mid turret but LD had a team fight there and went 4 for 2
  • OMG is taking objectives and warding enemy jungle well which is what keeping there lead
  • LD tried to push and take mid lane which resulted in team fight that went 2 for 2
  • Lich Bain key item for fizz with Hour Glass
  • LD took 3rd dragon it seemed to be time to fight as all 10 players were around however OMG didn’t both contesting and got positioning to take mid inhib turret. 
  • LD did a really good teamfight then and ended up going to 2 for 0 
  • OMG had control of baron with 4 members of LD pressuring them and then LD took Dragon with Jungler and then they went for mid turret and lost the team fight mid which cost them Baron
  • Using Baron both OMG took mid inhib turret, they were also curious about going into the base to take the inhib with Baron buff
  • Although LD had good team fight early on once OMG had got Barom they seemed to panic or something because their team fighting became worse

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