Reasons for Returning from Blogger to WordPress

If your regular followers of me you’ll know that I have had a blog for well over 4 years and in that time things have gone wrong and I have had to start again and then something new has come to my attention and I’d want to change again. While this is no different, I originally wanted use blogger because it was free right out the box and I wanted hassle free blogging, which it also did really well however there was just something there, that meant I really wanted to go back to WordPress and here is why I can think I wanted to go back.

Wordpress-logoWhile writing articles I found myself wanting to remember what articles were relevant to this and wanting to be able to link back to them, however if you want to link back to them they need to have direct relevance to your article not something that readers of the articles might be interested in. In WordPress, there are wide ranges of plugins that allow the related articles to be automatically generated based on the tags that are being used and Blogger just did not have that for me. This is something that I liked to use, to try to keep readers on my site and to give them more information that could be useful to them.

In addition, as a content management system WordPress has a lot more to offer than the Blogger Platform, it gives me the opportunity to expand further if I ever want to. I am not taking anything away from the Blogger Platform as it does exactly what it says on the tin, there is no maintenance to be done by you once your set up and ready to go which means you can concentrate on the material that you are pushing out. For that reason if you only want to make a blog with no ambition to make it anything else then it is the platform for you. However just like you are limited to what you can do which outside the box, which is why I am going back to on my own hosting package so that it allows me to expand the site if the time comes when I need to.

As for switching from Blogger to WordPress, taking all my blog post with me was dead easy; all I did was use the importer and followed the steps. It does leave me with one problem though and that is the fact that I have linked back to pervious articles in some of my articles would have had the blogger address to follow. As I am not a big blog at this point and the blogger address is, still active I am not going to go and look for the links and change them at this point. As I do not think, it will be a great problem.

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